Q: How long does a design typically take?
My designs typically take between 7-10 days, depending on the complexity of the project. This does not include the mock-up stage, where I send you a choice of 3-4 unique designs to choose from.
Q: Can you do a rush job?
I can do a rush job as long as the manuscript does not require complicated formatting. Naturally, this will incur an additional fee.
Q: Do you offer discounts?
I offer discounts for charities and projects for charities. I also offer discounts every now and then through my Facebook pagefollow me there to get up to 50% off your project!
Q: What do I need to send you?
I prefer a clean file, with no special formatting. Word tends to create a lot of junk, especially when formatting is done through the toolbar rather than paragraph styles. However, I accept all major document formats, including Scrivener files. Also, if you already have your cover designed, send me that, too!
Q: Can I make edits once the design process has started?
Once the design process has started, I can not accept major edits without charging for the alterations. However, small edits (such as typo fixes) are totally fine. You will have 14 days after receiving your final PDF to make edits. I will not create the ebook formats until you have given me the go ahead.
Q: What is the design process?
My design process is very straightforward.

  1. After a client contacts me, I send them an estimate and creative brief for the project.
  2. If the client agrees to the estimated fees, I send a contract for my services. This protects both parties and assures the client of what they are paying for. I will not begin work until the contract is signed.
  3. After the contract is signed, I create 3-4 mock-ups for the project. Clients are allowed to mix and match the styles until they find one that suits their tastes. Once they give confirmation on their design choice, I begin layout. (At this point, no major edits to the manuscript will be accepted without a fee.)
  4. Through the design process, I usually like to send progress PDFs showing the first couple chapters, and then the halfway point, etc. This lets the client begin checking for typos or other issues before the design is actually complete, keeping the process efficient for all involved.
  5. Once the design is complete, I send the PDF to the client, along with a final invoice.
  6. Upon proof of payment, I send the ebook versions of the project.
  7. Clients are given an additional 14 days to request typo adjustments (within reason), at no additional fee.
  8. At the end of the project, I sometimes contact my clients for feedback or testimonials.
Q: How do I pay you?
Many of my clients choose to pay me 50% upfront, and 50% upon completion of the project, but that is not necessary. If you choose to pay me in one bulk sum, I request that payment be made before I send the final digital versions of the project.

I take paper cheques, money orders, PayPal, Square Cash, and bank transfer, so long as all currency is provided in USD.

Q: Should I credit you?
That is not necessary, but if you decide to, I’d be much obliged! A simple credit on the Copyright page as “Layout by Country Mouse Design” will suffice. Alternatively, you could also use my company logo.
Q: I have specific images or fonts that I want to use. Can you work with those?
I can use any font you’d like as long as I can obtain the license for it. If the font requires a purchase, this will be added to your invoice.
Q: If I receive my printed proof and something needs to be adjusted, will it cost me more?
No, so long as the mistake is my own. However, if the adjustment changes the agreed-upon layout, it is subject to a fee.
Q: Can we talk over the phone?
Absolutely! However, I prefer to call you, as my phone number is Canadian and may cost us both international fees. I am also available through Skype!
Q: What is your preferred currency/method of payment?
I only accept USD, but can be paid through paper cheques, money orders, PayPal, Square Cash, and bank transfer.