Interior Layout Packages

Country Mouse Design offers high-quality layout designs from start to finish. Complex embellishments, like images, tables, and pull quotes can all be ordered à la carte, helping keep your costs down. Designs offered by Country Mouse can be converted into every major print and digital format, and design files are kept in our database for five years, in case future editions or revisions need to be made, again keeping costs low. Prices are listed in USD and based on final page output (generally between 300-600 words per page).

What’s Included

All of our designs come with custom chapter titles, your choice of scene divider or flourish and fonts, and running headers. Every design is also checked for bad hyphenation and other typographical standards, like kerning and tracking (the space between letters and words), em-dashes, and single, instead of double, spaces. Our guarantee is that your manuscript will look professional and beautiful—it will be a book you will proud to have on your shelf, and a book you will be proud to sell.

If your package includes both print and ebook, you will receive a beautifully coded, reflowable ebook (EPUB & MOBI) that retains nearly all of its print design elements, helping your book stand out from the crowd of boring ebooks converted from Word documents. For an extra fee, we can even throw in a linked table of contents and stunning call-to-action, a necessity for any self-published author trying to build a fan base. For a full list of our add-ons, see the à la carte menu below!

Final Manuscript Check

During the design process, if our designers should happen to discover a typo or other issue, you will be informed of it promptly. Country Mouse Design has informed its clients about many errors, from things as simple as missing punctuation, to more serious offenses, like plagiarism. We care about your book, and as its typesetter, we are your manuscript’s last defense before publication. We take the job seriously.

If you’d like a more thorough copyedit, we’re more than happy to do that for you. Let us know when you contact us so we can discuss your request and fees. As a final service, once the design is complete, you are given a two-week window in which to submit minor edits at no extra charge. This is generally enough time to order a print proof, so you can check your manuscript one last time before publication.



Our complete fiction package includes a print-ready PDF, MOBI, and ePub formats, general front matter, back matter and simple layouts for fiction novels of 75,000 words or less. Our fiction novels also come with custom chapter headings and leading text, running headers and beautiful flourishes, which are retained in the digital versions. Prices start at $1/page.


Our complete nonfiction package includes a print-ready PDF, MOBI, and ePub formats, to-specification front matter, back matter, 10 image inserts, and general layout for simple nonfiction manuscripts of 75,000 words or less. There are multiple complexities that can be added from the à la carte menu, as well! Prices start at $1.25/page.


Our digital only package includes a hotlinked Table of Contents, call to action, and up to 10 images for simple manuscripts of 60,000 words or less. Our digital files can also include color accents, custom fonts, and beautiful flourishes. Interactivity, such as animated text and embedded video, can be added for a nominal fee. Check the à la carte menu for more details. Prices start at $150.




$20 Menu

drop caps (ebook compatible)
small caps for lead text (ebook compatible)
basic table of contents creation
5 image inserts (ebook compatible)
copyright page with proper language
stylized page numbers (print only)
+5,000 words over limit

$40 Menu

unique scene dividers (for whole text)
stylized table of contents (ebook compatible)
complete back matter with call-to-action
10 image inserts (ebook compatible)
unique headers (for multiple authors, as in an anthology)
platform specific buy links in ebook
10 footnotes

Variable Rate Menu

complex header and subheader hierarchy
full-color design
transparency for wrap images
interactive PDFs
animations (EPUB)
embedded video and audio (EPUB)



Are you new to publishing? Do you need some guidance on how to proceed? Country Mouse Design offers consultations for new or experienced authors looking for information on printers, ISBNs, vetting publishers, and marketing over phone or Skype. $30/hour.

File Doctoring

Looking to update and renew an older document for a brand-new printing? Even if it’s already in MOBI or ePub (even PDF!) form, Country Mouse can alter your file for a small fee. No need to reformat the whole thing! $40/format.

Book Cover Design

If you’re looking for a cover, Country Mouse will create a quick, stylish cover for your book. If you have a stock image already prepared, we can create a cover from it to your specifications. Prices start at $50.

Media Kits

Need some quick images to boost your social media presence? Country Mouse can take existing book covers and create Facebook, Twitter, Blog, LinkedIn, and Google+ banners and icons. Have a quote you want on an image? We can do that too! Prices start at $30. We also make book trailers and branded press releases. Contact for a quote.


Though there are many editors out there, Country Mouse is pleased to recommend editor Patti Geesey to all clients. Patti mentors new writers, and has a small group of individuals with learning challenges she supports on a regular basis. She does developmental editing, copy/line editing, and proofreading. Patti works on fiction and non-fiction, but prefers fiction. Additionally, she supports authors with small presses who have issues with contracts, and vanity presses, etc. Please get in contact with her through Facebook.